An opportunity to observe and photograph wild Military Macaws (Ara militaris) at their nesting site presented itself when I met the land owner and self-made conservationist Francisco Espino of Juntas y Veranos.

Francisco approached the non-profit conservation group Macaws Forever, which I am a part of and expressed his wish to cooperate with us on the issues of wild macaw conservation. Born and bred in Juntas y Veranos, Jalisco, he has always loved and protected his ancestral lands. The visit and experience of meeting him and “his” wild macaws was jaw-dropping.

Try imagining a pristine transitional tropical- temperate forest on a clear morning, with sweeping views of the mountains cloaked in the morning fog with backdrop of Pacific Ocean, topped by the visual and auditory spectacle of several wild macaw couples waking up to the sunrise painting their colorful bodies with golden hues!

…I managed to squeeze in a minute to make a few video clips. Watch the beautiful birds and listen here to Francisco’s views on conservation.

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